Thread: F@h suggestions for platform racing 2.

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    Default F@h suggestions for platform racing 2.

    As nobody is ever going to reach rank 150 unless they sim everyday for the next 30 years.. I have an idea that will speed up the process. At 150k f@h points we should be awarded with a MegaExp hat. or it could have a differrent name, whatever Jiggmin decides, anyway i think it should give you 4x the exp rather than 2x the exp. if you're good at designing hats feel free to post your designs on here, if it's good it will higher the chance of the MegaHat being added on pr2.

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    It's super effective! Snubb's Avatar
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    I don't think this would be a good idea.
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    make it 500k f@h
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    I don't like this idea.

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    Simmers should fold more.
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    No. No. No.

    Just no.


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    Nope, it's good as it is.
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    I don't see why everyone wants to reach so high ranks. It's good as it is...
    Come on, it should be hard to reach ranks like 50.
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    no because its swedish and swedes are stupid except lcmk
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    Hahahaha No.jpg
    1 - We already have 2 hats that gives you EXP bonus, we don't need more.
    2 - We can get 10x EXP on PR2, we don't need more than it.

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    Bad idea, and i still haven`t got the cowboy hat.