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Thread: Folding for you!

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    May i have 5000 points,Kind sir? my account is PrinceAce

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    If its okay can you fold for Cowboy!!! instead of Zx9?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikc10 View Post
    Just to clarify, are you folding people who already have crown? (If you are, don't put me on this list.)
    folding for people who don't already have 6 million points?

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    does this work if you don't have f@h? If so, fold for alexxx.
    "Please don't kill me"

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    SiLkYsMoOtH, get to cowboy!
    Report to the server loki on September 11TH 8:00PM (EST) "You wont regret it"

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    can you fold for me? my name is alexxx
    "Please don't kill me"

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    Hello! I am Andris and i want a cowboy hat. Very please fold me? Please

    My name is: Sothal


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    Can I have a crown on my account name: xTrapper

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    Can I get crown on my account name is: G G

    between both of the G's there is 2 spaces
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    Username: Im Proficient
    Please fold for me!
    I already have about 2,000 points.
    Hopefully you are able to, if you aren't thanks for trying.

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    It Could Happen
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    lol, look at all the noobs posting on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airock View Post
    lol, look at all the noobs posting on here.
    i can't see what's funny, they're supossed to do that.

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