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    Yes, you can certainly run one of each client. I'd guess between 3k and 4k ppd on that laptop, but don't hold me to it.

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    I would estimate it at about 4-5k ppd, running smp and gpu, if you dont want lag, you could set it to 90% or something like that and it would reduce your ppd, but less lag.

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    yea you can run 2. It might cause lag, try it and see.
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    Like the others said, about 3,000 PPD. Not a bad folder, but it may lag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iFire View Post
    Can I fold with 2 GPU's? (Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 and nVidia Geforce 630M 2GB DDR3 SDRAM if that matter) at the same time? (I know, IHG 2000/3000 is integrated)
    I'm pretty sure you can. I don't have two GPUs so I can't try it out, but this is what I would try:
    Go to "Configure" and click the "Slots" tab.
    Click the "Add" button. Select GPU.
    If leaving the GPU index at -1 (default - auto selects) doesn't work, I'd try setting it to 1. (the 2nd GPU you have) [[or 0 if 1 is the same as what auto-select chooses]
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    the intel one is integrated, and you can only fold on nvidia or ati
    you cant fold on integrated gpu's
    and i dont think you can use both of them at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iFire View Post
    Can I use 3 cores for folding, and one for browsing, and the nVidia GPU for folding, and the integrated for browsing?
    To use only some cores on your CPU, I think there are two options:
    1) Change the settings for the CPU slot to use only a certain number of threads. (It says it should be a multiple of two, so for you I'd set it to 2 if you have 4 cores and want one available all the time.) [One thread can't be running on two cores at the same time]
    2) Go to task manager, find the folding process. Right-click and choose "Set Affinity". Self-explanatory pop-up will appear.

    As for the GPU thing I have no idea.
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    Fold on Intel HD graphics? No no no. You couldn't possibly get worse performance then that. Folding on that would be a waste of life.
    How ever, as for the SMP and GPU see Suupers posts since he already explained it..