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    Since this is a Valentines Day Game, I thought we just have a little contest. It's simple and theres not really any stakes. Just post the level you got to in the game. Have fun and happy Valentines Day!

    My record so far: School Bus (2)

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    I got to level 2 ;-;
    rip zorjeff except he's still active on other sites
    i got some work to do and stuff so ok and school and job and private

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    Record: the Cupid.

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    How have you not gotten to cupid. Legit, this is one of the easiest games I've EVER played.

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    What to do:
    1) Grab any item
    2) Run around while swinging your mouse in revolutions
    3) Hope for a better damaging item

    ~Posting without knowing, is not knowing where you're going~Imstrange

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    Got to cupid.

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    I got to level 5

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    completed it :3

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    completed it :3
    i like most people except you
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    Completed. Even Cupid. You swing something at the arrows, bounces off, hits cupid.