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    Default Platform Racing 'dead'?

    Today I wasn't able to connect to PR1's servers, because I wanted to get the badges on Kong :p. Anyway, judging from the comments, the servers have been down for quite some time already. I wonder if Jiggmin shut down these server. I hope not though.

    Post anything in relevance to this topic here if you want I guess.

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    It's not as if it's played a lot anyways.
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    It's Already done

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    It's just PR1.

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    Damn! I loved using the invisible username glitch/hack/cheat/whatever
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    Damn! I loved using the invisible username glitch/hack/cheat/whatever
    rip zorjeff except he's still active on other sites
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    It has been down for about a week. I pm'd Jiggmin about the problem but got no response so far :/

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    nope just a chuck testa XD

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    Works fine to me?

    Waaaaaaaaaaaait.. old thread is old.
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