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Thread: New Weapon Ideas?

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    What's cooties? :p
    yak404 we love you ϟϟ

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    Quote Originally Posted by iFire View Post
    What's cooties? :p
    They are imaginary icky stuff from girls in elementary school.
    No Signiture. Bro.

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    A teddy bear.
    Thanks for ninja'ing me -.-

    What is with me today! its not even afternoon.
    No Signiture. Bro.

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    this game is abuse so i don't play it plus its not an updated game but if i had an idea for weapons i'd say a hammer

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    ...people still play that game?

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    Don't spam pls

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    Good idea, I'd prefer that you propose some. The first idea is frequently that make me think about thread quality.

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    this game will never get updated: but if i would choose a weapon...i think a high powered sniper would be perfect x3 lol jk thats cruel...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotime60624 View Post
    a m16
    you mean m4? i don't think children this young are strong enough to carry m16s
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    I'm Bioware.pcc, and this is my favorite post in Jiggmin!
    Hardest game ever

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