Thread: A sequel to Effing Hail

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    Default A sequel to Effing Hail

    Its called Effing Meteors.People are saying that,s way better than Effing Hail.

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    what was the point in this thread? everyone knows about Effing Meteors by now >.>

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    Another pointless thread to add to the junk pile.

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    Close this thread please,next time blog this

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    O, Wow like we haven't seen Effing Meteors by now. -cough- IDIOT! -cough-

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    it is a fun game but pr2 is the best

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    I think effing hail is better. And it was the first game I played by Jiggmin, before pr2 :O
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    derpity herp

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    theres a crazy duck behind all of you guys (my first post)

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    Effing Hail and Effing Meteor is both cool to me.

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    Wow this thread is so old.. The bump wasn't very needed though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2amayzingman View Post
    Lol yea
    So why did you bump it, silly? This thread serves no purpose considering the game is out.