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    For years I've wondered about a game that would allow you to use audio visualization as a game mechanic.

    With over 6,000,000 songs on iTunes alone, plus all of the downloadable video game music on YouTube (generally a few dozen songs per video game, and thousands of video games), and over 400,000 songs on the Newgrounds Audio Portal, the potential of such a game includes nearly infinite replay value.

    In fact, taking a quotient of 7,000,000 songs, still a gross underestimation of the number of tunes available on the internet, with the number constantly increasing, mind you, if you average song is 3 minutes, then you have 43.4 years of total gameplay. Consider how much time you spend sleeping, in school, or working, and you'll soon realize this is easily long enough to last you a lifetime.

    Audio Visualizer-based games have more possibilities than just The Musical Evenizer; you could have a bumpy terrain tossing you back and forth as you struggled to collect any number of powerups floating through the air, or while avoiding objects that penalize the player. The visualizer can also be expressed in terms of a single line, rather than a set of bars. In this example, your character will give the illusion of actually traveling as the song progresses. And each possibility tacks on another 43.4 years of possible gameplay.

    Overall, I'm trying to conclude that The Musical Evenizer has more possibilities than any other game created by Jiggmin; possibly even Platform Racing 2, depending on what modifications could be made to liven up the currently bland Musical Evenizer we have now.

    What I'd really like to see is a fixed version of The Musical Evenizer to be able to play offline. Integrated with iTunes itself, Jiggmin could revamp the interface of his game with promotional offers and 'highest rated' songs, which serve as exceptionally fun or challenging translations from audio to game experience.

    Cooler still, console versions, particularly for the iPhone, iPod touch, and PSP, which serve as MP3 players, could instantly allow players to connect previously downloaded songs with the game. Carrying around such a simple system (currently under 200KB) on the go would be easy, lightweight, and very fun.

    Is this enough to convince you Jiggmin? FIX THE MUSICAL EVENIZER!

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    I wish I could thank this more than once. Unfortunately, I can't without creating alts and getting banned.

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    Ooooh. I see your point. Yeah, such Musical Evenizer would be so... Awesome.

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    Jiggmin will never fix this Proof, I pmed Red Jackdaw if he could tell him to fix it (this was back in march) Red said he would tell Jiggmin about this and Jiggmin still has not fixed it yet but this is a great idea

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    It never going to be updated and fixed.