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    Put your own misuc into it?

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    I have no idea

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    I didn't know people still played Musical Evenizer.

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    You can't. (I think)

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    Its broken now...
    and you can't put music there anymore...

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    It's broken; you can't.
    Well, shall we dance?

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    That game sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ΤhatOneNewbie View Post
    I didn't know people still played Musical Evenizer.

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    You can.

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    Just go on another site that has sound or music on it, put it in the background, and there you go! The sliders should start moving.

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    All you need to do is go to youtube and play a song! Enjoy! Xd

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    um just play a song in the background

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    Quote Originally Posted by VBReports! View Post
    That game sucks.
    I agree!

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    the fact that its broken lets you be able to use the audio on youtube vids for songs

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    Good Lord, who the bloody 'ell still play that suckish game?