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Thread: PR2 Fullscreen

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    Default PR2 Fullscreen

    Didn't know this existed, but I am happy it does..

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    Wow cool!

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    yah. i used to play it fullscreen all the time

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    Full screen makes me lag D:
    It's a small crime, but I've got no excuse.

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    Oh! That's where the fullscreen link has gone to. o:
    I had it and lost it.
    Thanks Safari. ^_^

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    I can't figure out how anyone can stand to play not in full screen mode. I have been using it for at least 2 years and everything just looks so small when I occasionally get on kongregate and play.

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    Oh, cool. I hated how small the blocks were after playing PR3 for ages.

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    I know this is a bump, but I hate going to page 3 to find this.. and I use it, so thanks. :p

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    Be sure to bookmark it, Wicked.
    I love Kongregate for the game-room, but Fullscreen is great for level editing in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wιcĸed View Post
    I know this is a bump, but I hate going to page 3 to find this.. and I use it, so thanks. :p
    Favorite/bookmark it
    i love arbeiderpartiet

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    Thanks! :O i never played it in fullscreen and it looks cool!
    Who agrees? XD

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    FullScreen Rocks!! Graphics are great!!

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    I made a thread like this, and everyone hated me for it. It even had the same link.

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    I still keep my pr2 fullscreen on my notepad =/
    I found long long time ago...

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    Old news to me ^^

    Its just the swf file you use everytime you embed the game :> When you embed it, you just change the size

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    i just got a ban for no reason

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    Really Impressive. I think the Graphics are better than the regular screen. Woot Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timsta360 View Post
    Why did you bump?
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