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Thread: Have you ever actually beaten Uber Space Shooter?

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    Oh man thanks i can really see it with my own eyes

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    I beat the game

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    beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet it

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    Quote Originally Posted by finalcheetah View Post
    it isn't that difficult, it's just the game handles a bit strangely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexxx View Post
    I can't beat the enterprise. Help?
    THATS WHAT SHE SAID! beat boss first try.

    tip: fill sheild to the max, then charge up hull. charge up energy if you are using weapon #2.
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    I beat it a loooooooooong time ago with no lives lost. It's not so hard.
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    I see, Nedron really is great

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    yeah it's pretty easy if you know how to play
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