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    Hello And Welcome To The 1st Thread For Platform Racing!
    I would Highly Reccomend This Game If Your A Fan Of The PR Series.
    It Gives Out All Its Originality In Head Smacking Item Using Races!
    Have A Try !
    Creepy little me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Lightning View Post
    Great game, but it's totally unmoderated and overrun with hackers. D=

    Yep. We need 1 mod or 2 to go and wam all of the hackers every once in a while...
    Infact, it's not hackers, its the game itself. People have hacked it and put it up on websites... o.o

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    Who would even care to moderate platform racing which has an automated system.

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    I mean, just go on like once a week and ban every player hacking. Its often times the same players...

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    I played platform racing hacked version months ago...was funny

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    The moderating system could do with improving, but the majority of people have moved on from the game, lessening the need.


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    i need desprate help i love the game truthfully for me i think its better then all of the platforms (my opinion and not looking at hackers and STUPID CLONES!!!!) i got banned and alot of pll tell me it tells me when the ban is over i dont know how to check it!! please reply on my visitor page
    "You can't beat anybody with nobody." . BTW: im Wolf Girl456 in pr1.

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    This game really isn't all that good >_>

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    If you play the game on, you still chat involuntary chat messages when you enter a message in the chat.

    Edit: Year bump!

    I guess it really doesn't matter because there is only one page of threads in an incredibly old section.

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