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Thread: How to Install Yellow Dog Linux for the Playstation 3

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    How to install a yellow dog? HOT DAMN! I sure want me one of those!

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    What's Yellow dog linux?
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    You are so wat. Sometimes I bloody hate your guts, sometimes I agree with you. Oftentimes I feel you are incredibly immature, but at other points you appear to have some maturity in that brain. You ****ing confuse the **** out of me.

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    just an fyi
    unsticky this thread
    since sony took off OtherOS a long LONG, LOENG time ago. You (legally) can't do it anymore.

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    what is yellow dog linux

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    what is yellow dog linux
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    Yellow Dog Linux is an OS (Operating System) for the PS3. It's very reliable, and might be better than WinXP/Vista if used properly.
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