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    As far as I know, it's been down for a couple of months, maybe even more.

    You're a bit late there mate.

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    Rip PR1, the game with no control over hackers or the chat.

    You won't be missed.

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    Well, all you need is love
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    I remember playing pr1 back in the day, and I rate it 0.00000000001/5 stars

    I do not care about what happens to pr1.

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    lol i loved to nuke pr1's chat with all of the rp'ers in there

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    Doesn't work anymore. It was fixed for a time like jv chat but it broke again

    So is it on the same server as jv chat???
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    Then, how do I have to edit the article completely!? It also means, "I can't take screenshots anymore!?" The article on the wiki is unfinished!!

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    It's finally all falling apart...
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