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    It was released in June 2007, and when you start the game, there's the theme
    song, Platform Racing 2 on the other hand has a theme song but it's a
    remix of the song in Platform Racing 1.
    There's no hats in Platform Racing 1, there's no bodies, feet, heads
    and sets that you can find in Platform Racing 2. All you have is just the default set which later was
    used again in PR2.
    In the hacked version of PR1, you find your character in rainbows.
    Your rank goes up in a random number everytime you win a race. It's
    weird how Platform Racing 1 is hackable because there's no moderation system,
    but Platform Racing 2 isn't hackable because there is a moderation system and there's
    moderators & admins who can ban the shit out of members who try to hack.
    Since Platform Racing 2 had a beta, Nobody really knows if Platform Racing 1 had a beta.
    People didn't make theories of what Platform Racing 1 originally had but was changed before
    it was released in 2007.
    On what I said on Top 10 Facts about Platform Racing 2, members also get quirky
    in Platform Racing 1, since PR1 doesn't even have a moderation system, Members
    would just spam inappropriate things and people would get annoyed as hell.
    When you say the F, S word, Damn or other words on PR1 or PR2 (if you have Filter Swearing on), You get "fooey" or "freak monster" or "jiminy cricket" or "female dog" or condemnation" and the list just goes on. Don't say damn
    when Tintin's around on PR2, ok?
    There are only 8 levels in Platform Racing, Newbieland, Buto, Robocity,
    Assembly, Infernal Hop, Going Down & Slip. But if you complete a level, it's not XP you gain, it's
    RANKS. There's a max rank but Nobody knows what's the final rank in any of Platform Racing games in the series. :EllPee: said on his post that the max rank was either 99,999 or 999,999.
    People thought the final rank was 150 in Platform Racing 2 but Ax6 stated that there's more than 150 ranks.
    Since you don't have to sign up in Platform Racing 1, you could just name yourself,
    that means people would impersonate Jiggmin & Vfor Vendetta.
    It was the first game in the series and it got popular but died pretty
    fast weeks after PR2's release. It was the only game that hasn't been
    updated for years.
    If you have a bad internet connection, PR1's message appears in PR2 as

    Man, saying 10 facts to a game that died first in the PR series.
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    Platform Racing 4 will have a currency this time! Crystals!! If you want to buy
    Infinite crystals, it's 9001 Kreds. The release date is June 22, 2016.

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    i got banned when i reached 999,999 rank or something on PR1.

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    PR1 sucks.
    Did somebody say chocolate??? CHOCOLATE?!

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    I go on Pr1 maybe a few times a year, but always on the hacked site and I just mess around
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    it was released in 07 ???? I thought it was 08
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    I'm still certain there's a max rank, I got banned when I was using the hack to cheat my rank, and I'm sure the rank was either 99,999 or 999,999. I don't remember though.