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    Rest in Peace to a pretty awesome game.

    Tried to play earlier and couldn't connect to the server. I think all of Jiggmins games are dying. Soon PR2 will too. :/

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    Rest in pieces
    Don't Do Drugs

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    RIP in piece.

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    old news is old xD
    Oh, so you can hover over sig pics. How interesting. What an excellent discovery. You will go down in history as an amazing discoverer. Columbus would be jealous. Edison would be in awe of your skills as an explorer and a true visionary. I applaud you, o wise one. You will receive your medal of discovery soon. Now go out and discover more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassyElephant View Post
    old news is old xD
    last month or so it was working

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    all muslims are evil Thanks Aesin for the signature