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    Rest in Peace to a pretty awesome game.

    Tried to play earlier and couldn't connect to the server. I think all of Jiggmins games are dying. Soon PR2 will too. :/

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    Rest in pieces
    Don't Do Drugs

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    RIP in piece.

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    old news is old xD
    Not dead yet,
    but I'm giving it my best shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassyElephant View Post
    old news is old xD
    last month or so it was working

    Quote Originally Posted by 34attack View Post
    im iln last 6 and i am the last one to join lol

    Please -
    never mind forger the please just change your f***ing signature. Go make your own before I throw a goddamned fit. If you were trying to be funny well you bloody right failed, and if you were trying to piss me off well you succeeded.

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    all muslims are evil Thanks Aesin for the signature