LSD, if you're reading this...

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Sorry for what happened with the ban and stuff. Well, seems like this is my final good bye. I probably won't ever see you again, and you're probably going to do it and, unfortunately, succeed. Please, LSD, this is the last time I will tell you. It saddens me that you would give up your entire life just so you can get away from all of these issues. You mean something to us, and apparently, you've changed my life because of this. You've reminded me of things that my brother almost did, and he could've been dead right now. I can't stand how you are actually going to do it. You will succeed in life if you do not do this, LSD. I really just don't want you to do it. It's not worth it. I know this isn't a lot, and you probably don't even care about this message, and you're probably not even reading it, but seriously, please don't do it. You will be glad later on in life that you didn't do it. Sadly, you're probably going to do it and you probably don't even give a shit about me. Well, at least I give a shit about you... man, just... I know life isn't well, but why don't you trust us. Well, this is the last time I'll tell you. Please, just stop and think about what you're doing. I may or may not see you later. Hope to see you alive sometime. Bye.


  1. 2th!nk's Avatar
    Please don't make this forum the final thing that knocks you off the edge, Squiddy....