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Kira (Green Blob Edition)

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Soon, Yak404 and I will be hosting our very own Kira game.
It will be very different.

Here's a few changes (Not all)

-Users will need to SIGN A NAME in order to execute someone. ( No more random executions since it's risky!)

-Politicians can vote for an execution anonymously (without signing a name). (Only 1 politician per execution)

-Detectives can find to who a name is owned by. (He will need the name first) once a week. (Kira can use this to his advantage, and Detectives can use this to jack people's names when signing.)

-The Kiras will have NO SPECIAL POWER(Apart from the deathnote). They will have to rely on detectives and gain their trust. ( Kira will need some serious lying skills)
- Kiras can post as an L once a week, and can post when no game hosts are online.
(oohh mischeif. Ls can use it to spot who Kira is though.)

-Ls can only post when a Game host is online.

-Theifs can steal people's ID's to learn the name and username of that ID. (Not their class) (There won't be more than 2 of these)

Now that's just a few. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bucktooth's Avatar
    It sounds interesting and i will of course play.
  2. X!S's Avatar
  3. Tri Oxide's Avatar
    Yak will be a game host.
  4. DaFlash's Avatar
    Remove everything except the Kiras can post as an L once a week this will make the game a bit more exciting.

    My Suggestions:

    - At the beginning of the game a scenario of events that have taken place should be adeed in the thread. It should be in the form of a short story how L and Kira have arrived.
    - Use your own Kira and L images like Poozy did this will bring unique creativity to your Kira game.
    - A Kira can write down only one name in the death note every hour.
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