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And I thought 20 notifications was a lot.

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  1. C Hizzy's Avatar
    Woah why is it blue?????
  2. Roflkoy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Clifford
    Woah why is it blue?????
    Vb4 default forum skin, that's all.
  3. C Hizzy's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Wafflekoy;bt272507][I][FONT=verdana][COLOR=#008000][SIZE=2]Vb4 default forum skin, that's all.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/I][/QUOTE]

    Ohh.. cool!
  4. ~▲†▲~'s Avatar
    Hipster default skin
  5. Princelet's Avatar
    ..and I thought 3 notifications was exciting ;-;
  6. SQUIDS~'s Avatar
    The most I've gotten was 344
  7. Tsunderenamide's Avatar
    Jiggmin has the most I think. Check on his blog...something like 1000 notifications?
  8. Tiger's Avatar
    The most notifications I've ever had...was 14. :c
  9. Sirspence's Avatar
    Most was 9