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The last thread bumps.

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Yes it's true my thread bumping days are over after today, I will also leave most of jv, the only threads I will post in are jv contest history, artist unite, works in progress, and Platform racing artist unite and that will only be every few months or so. That will only be to post my own art I will not respond to any comments on my art. I just though you may want to see it. Goodbye everyone we had a good run and all but it's time for me to go. I wanted to skip a grade last year and jv got in the way, this year will be different I will reach my goals and I wont fall behind the rest of the world. I will be the most productive person I can possibly be. I will start sleeping properly, meditating, eating healthy, working on time, setting goals, and achieving them. I wont be making a thread out of it because I don't want to make a big deal out of it. It's my time so goodbye and all the best.

-Player Z.

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  1. thepro1998's Avatar
    Good Luck in life, gentleman.
  2. Illest Villain's Avatar
    Word. That's a good choice.
  3. Darke~'s Avatar
    Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuu. ;-; Sad to see you leave. Anyways, good luck with everything. c=
  4. a zorref kid's Avatar

  5. aaaaaa123456789's Avatar
    Best wishes, Z. It's sad to see you leave, but I guess this had been going to happen for too long.

    I hope you can achieve your goals. Good luck on everything!

    See ya around, if we ever meet again (which I hope we do!).
  6. CrystalRain's Avatar
    *sniff* I'll miss you. :c
  7. SwagSwagSwag's Avatar
  8. Silence is Golden's Avatar
  9. ADMDX's Avatar
    Goodbye Player Z D: I will miss you!
  10. Flybird's Avatar
    Bye Z! I know this is late, but I wanted to say it.
    Good luck with life and everything, and never stop making art, cause you are good at it. c:
  11. Heaton.'s Avatar
    Bye Z, I hope I'll catch you on PR2 some time, good luck in life mate.
  12. Firefight's Avatar
    Oh, he will come back.
  13. yak404's Avatar
    I miss you~

  14. Princelet's Avatar
    Z ;-; We'll miss youuuu :c
  15. BlitZed's Avatar
    Like I've said in the blog, I will come back every few months :3 So pretend like I never left lol
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