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Top 10 Revolutionary Battles In Pr3

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Hi, in this blog post I'm going to post the top 10 levels that have revolutionized Battles in Platform Racing 3.
[B]Tower Defence- [/B]The first I can remember was Pet001's levels which was amazing. It is really about teamwork, and you have to think using strategy as well as skill. One person must go from base to base trying to kill everyone as they adventure to the end of the level. If they can make it, they can kill the person in the base.
[B]Ultimate Team Elimination- [/B]This level is amazing and is made by Poncho. It was the start of the idea of 2 people teaming to eliminate each other's bases.
[B]Flood[/B]- This brings back the concept of surviving, and it is about thinking about where you want to go. You must find a place to hide and survive the water that is rising and chasing you. This type of level remained popular quite some time, and was made popular by Xgen.
[B]Alien Survival- [/B]Alien survival was the match that everybody was playing when Platform Racing 3 first came out, and it is still relatively popular. You must place barriers to block out the aliens from reaching and killing you. Made by various people, but the most popular one is made by Xnick.
[B]Watch the Floor- [/B]This level was popular only for a short time, but people were playing it almost every match when it was popular. You have to dodge the gaps in the floor or you will fall into a pit of bombs.
[B]Hide and Seek- [/B]In hide and seek one person is the shooter and everyone else must hide in the many camoflauge spots. A great level for people who like suspense. Made popular by Boohoo23.
[B]Air Strike- [/B]This level was a classic idea that has been turned into many different ideas. It involves one person (the shooter) striking down on everybody else with the goal of shooting them. The others must dodge the bullets. Made popular by the Monkeys23.
[B]Roll the Dice- [/B] In this level, you must touch the dice button and hope you get a good item. It is a game of luck and skill combined. Made popular by Brokeable.
[B]Bomb Race- [/B] Not a personal favourite, but in this kind of level you must dodge the mines and once you reach the end you get a lightning block. Its a challenging level that tests your real skills. Made very popular by Xueqin*.
Finally, [B]Defend Your Bunker- [/B] Bunker levels are a classic test of your intuition. What trap will you creatively make to ensure you won't get attacked? How will you manage to make it through an enemies traps to kill them? This is really very much about strategy as it is about skill. Made popular by Jerrild. :)

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    I thought the Hide and seek was made popular by Diegospyro, Defend your bunker by Chingling24 and Bomb race or bomb world by..another guy, something like peti2101.
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