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  1. Fedoras

    Is there something wrong with wearing a fedora? What I mean, does your opinion on appearance change for the negative if someone wears a fedora?

    Examples of a fedora:

  2. Yellow

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  3. Need Help (Solved)

    I was wondering if anyone is willing to help answer my question. If I were to tell you that this picture (placed below) was about strengths and weaknesses (think like Pokemon elements), then please tell me what each color beats or gets beaten by. For common identification, from left to right--up to down, here are the colors to go by:
    Green, Brown
    Red, Cyan
    Blue, Yellow
    Tan, Purple

    Now knowing the terminology, please state what each color is strong to ...

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  4. せんこうはなんですか?

    こんぴゅうたあかがくです。 せんこうはなんですか?
    (The blog never dies)

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  5. Recolor I Did

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