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  1. 100,006th Blogger


    Oh, or 126,351th blogger.

  2. What does the scouter say about my post level?!

    Quit looking here


    Current Post Count: 5776
    Posts Per Day: 2.46

    I remember when I had 3,000 posts. It felt like it was about 2-3 years ago. Oh wait, it was that long ago.

    Super fast posting for the win.
  3. Dear You

    Please keep up the combos.

  4. Japanese & Me #1

    Oh my, all the Hiragana. So much Hiragana. So much Hiragana. So much Hiragana. I just started and instantly I am shown 102 characters (I don't have to know them yet).

    Here is my progress:

    あ い う え お

    In case you are wondering, those characters from left to right are this:

    A, I, U, E, O

    As for pronunciation, it is like this:

    Ah, Ee, Ooh, Eh, Oh

    Updated 13th January 2015 at 11:35 PM by Zinx10

    Japanese & Me
  5. Completing Squares

    For all those Algebra folk trying to complete squares, here you go:

    Image Form

    Text Form
    a(x - (b/(2a)))2 + (-a(b/(2a))2+d) = 0

    To know what variables to put in, look at this format:

    ax2 + bx + d = 0

    Why d and not c? Well, I consider c as a perfectly squared number of (x + y)2, or y2. D, in this case, is not y2. Let me show you an example.

    Updated 6th November 2014 at 03:55 PM by Zinx10

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