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  1. Motley Reciepts

    Motley Updates, in list form!

    * Enabled ssl for us paranoid types.
    * Released Epic Upgrades for the Classic Feet, Body, and Head parts.
    * Released the Token++ item in the Vault, which is a guild-shared rank token.
    * Vault purchases now PM you a warm, comfortable receipt.

    There's also a faaaaaancy sale going on at the moment.
    Dev Log
  2. Lists are so bling

    If you are a competitive sort, or you just want to know what guilds are out there, this Motley update is for you! A guild list is now available under the Players tab which shows the daily GP and active users of the top guilds.

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    Dev Log
  3. Here comes the...

  4. Welcome VforVendetta as our new Community Manager

    JV is going to change and grow in the in the coming years, as it always has. A big change is happening today, as VforVendetta officially becomes our Community Manager. He'll be focused on running events, keeping our fine community healthy, and being generally helpful.

    With this post comes an interesting opportunity. What can we do to make JV better? No idea is too wild, post it.

    Welcome aboard Mr. V.

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    Dev Log
  5. Swearing at Tournaments

    Yay it's an update:

    PR2's swear filter is now optional. You can turn it off in the Options menu. The exception is that it doesn't work for PMs yet, because I forgot that part.

    The maximum number of members a guild can have has been increased to 100.

    Private servers can now run any kind of tournament you can think of with different hats and stats. This is stupid cool. Guild leaders can use the /t command in their server:

    /t on
    (turns tournament
    Dev Log
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